Come Together: The science (and art!) of creating lasting sexual connections


Practical education and strategies to help long-term couples keep their sexual and intimate connections strong, vibrant and dull of delight. Emily Nagoski has created another incredibly useful guide to help all of us understand sexual desire and ways to keep it going over years and through all the stresses that life throws our way.

Author: Emily Nagoski, PhD  Hardback, 345 pages.

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Maintaining a vibrant sexual connection with a long-term partner takes attention and care. Without taking the time and putting some work into it, most people find that their sexual and intimate lives change and often lose their vibrance and energy. Emily Nagoski wrote this book for anyone who has found their sexual connection fading, faltering or struggling to stay strong.

Here you’ll find education about sex, our socialization around sex, and how the mind-body connection affects our desires. The author offers a variety of ways to look at your sexual self and understand where you can make changes in how you think about and approach sex so that you get the sex you want and deserve. She offers a variety of stories that are created from real-life situations she has encountered and offers solutions that are practical and accessible. The tone of the book is warm, friendly and easy to read and understand.


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