This slim, firm, curved dildo is made of the smoothest silicone material we’ve encountered. Perfect for someone who enjoys penetration by two fingers and prefers a shorter toy, and the firm material directs stimulation just where you like it. Cici may be held in the hand or used in a harness. It may require the use of a 1.25″ or 1.5″ O-ring for stable use in a harness.

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Size: 6” long x 1 1/4” wide
Material: Silicone
Color:  Purple or blue
Batteries: None
Cleaning Instructions: Clean with soapy warm water.  If you wish to share this item or use it both vaginally and anally, cover it with an unlubricated condom each time.
Special Instructions: Use with water-based lubricants only, as silicone-based lubricants will damage this item’s surface.

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Any color, Blue, Purple

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