Buddha’s Bedroom


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What insight would you expect if you sat down and discussed intimacy and sexuality with a Buddhist sex therapist? Have you been wondering how to deepen your connections after the buzz of new relationship limerance fades? Do you find it difficult to dedicate yourself to finding quality time to devote your attention to the things that matter to you most?


Well, sit down with Buddha’s Bedroom and consider what passion is and where it thrives. Instead of looking to others to fill an empty spot, learn how to transition towards understanding what your passions are, and how to focus on passion like a beautiful never-ending hobby that is worth all the time and effort you give. Buddha’s Bedroom is a serious instruction book with exercises to help you see your expectations, find your passion and transform your intentions into actions.


You’ll find both individual and couple exercises which can be as rewarding as they are challenging. Learn to see a partner as they really are, rather than who you’d like them to be if they only changed. Although this is written from a heteronormative perspective, the exercises are applicable to any relationship.