Box of Dares


“I don’t know, what do you want to do?”

“Me? What do YOU want to do?”

Cooped up with time to do something and no ideas of what to do? The Box of Dares is here to animate your time together. The Box of Dares has little tickets you pull out offering you random new things to do together. Although meant to be used by more than one person, there are no gender stereotyping suggestions to get in your way.

  1.  Make a naughty date night jar. We each add five ideas. Then, pick one.
  2. With you blindfolded, let me touch you with a mystery object. What is the object?
  3. Play strip trivia. For each wrong answer, that person removes an article of clothing.
  4. Have a “Best Getting Laid Outfit Contest”. Pick a winner.

Very fun, and beats bedroom boredom.

“The bedroom? Again?”

You get the picture.

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