Bodice Harness


If you like the look of a really tooled up leather harness but need to spend less (or just don’t want the leather) the Bodice Harness is a great choice. A super comfortable inner fuzzy lining cushions the harness against the body and the D-ring leg straps can be moved to function as a full two strap harness. However if you want to slide those two straps together in the back, the Bodice harness becomes a thong-style single strap harness, great for holding a dildo in the wearer, or for strapping in a double dildo. Very adjustable and super comfortable. The lacing on the back just takes it up another style notch. Lots of places to hang things if that’s your style.

The Bodice Harness is very similar to the Jaguar Harness.

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Waist Sizes: to 29″-44″ waist, however the lacing in back can be let out for even more width.
Color: Black.
Material:  Synthetic.
Cleaning: Can be washed by machine (on a delicate setting) or by hand. Please wash before use.
O-Ring Diameter: 1.5″ but can swap out to as large as 2″ if you place the dildo between the back plate and the O-ring.