Blue Pump


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If you are looking for a simple operation in a rechargeable penis pump, consider the Blue Pump. The vacuum only comes on when you are holding down the button. When you release the button the vacuum stops. To release the vacuum pressure inside of the pump, press the red button. Easy.

The vacuum power of the Blue Pump rivals the highest setting of the Powerhouse Pump, but you get a much noisier motor sound (similar to Vedo Pump). Set includes 3 different silicone sleeves so you don’t have that additional consideration, but you can use the Blue Pump without any sleeve at all. Don’t get water/lubricant/semen up inside of the top as it is not waterproof up there and hard to clean out.

Materials: Plastic, silicone
Size: 2.5″ opening (w/o sleeve) 7.5″ insertion length. Total length is 11.5″.
Power: USB Rechargeable. Cord included.
Care & Cleaning: Water-based lubricant recommended–do not use silicone based lubricants with this item; warm soapy water and a washcloth to clean after use
Warranty: 14 days for manufacturer defects with receipt through our store.

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