Blue Lagoon


Tight and suction. The Blue Lagoon is a stretchy penis stroker sleeve features nubs on one side and a smooth surface on the other, with a closed end to create suction as it is used. The Blue Lagoon is a firmer elastomer, so some find the fit perfect, while others find it a bit tight. Not as sticky/soft as other sleeves, the Blue Lagoon is easily cleaned with soapy warm water (turn it inside out to wash the inside) and small enough to travel well. We recommend using any water-based lubricant with it, as silicone just soaks in and disappears and oil will cause it to tear.

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Material: Elastomer
Size: 7/8″ unstretched opening with 5.5″ total length.
Cleaning: Soap and water, avoid moisturizing soaps or anything containing oils. Do not use silicone lubricant.

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