Bling Nipple Clamps


When you want more flash and style, consider the Bling Nipple Clamps. These tweezer-style clamps provide a squeezing, moderate-to-intense nipple stimulation with a whole lot more style. The ‘bling’ chain is one continuous loop, so you can either change the two lengths, or twist the whole thing together to control the dangle portion. The clamp tips are covered with a flexible plastic coating so the metal cannot bite into your skin and cause infections. Don’t tug too hard on the chain as they are more fragile in construction than some of the other options.

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Size:  total length is 16″
Color: Silver clamps with faux rhinestones.
Cleaning Instructions: Clean with soapy warm water.
Wearing Instructions: Limit the time worn to <20 minutes to allow blood to flow back to nipples. Tip sheet included.