Beyond Birds & Bees



A book that deserves a place on every parent’s night stand, Beyond Birds & Bees–bringing home a new message to our kids about sex, love and equality delivers this message in an approachable, well-researched way. Begin with the EYE OPENING comparison of raising children in the shame-dominant United States vs. the shame-free Dutch approach, and progress to understanding this other world view of how sexuality can included openness, conversations between people and sexual pleasure, all existing right alongside information about safety, consent and respectful relationships. This sex-ed isn’t “saved” for an awkward “Birds & Bees” puberty lecture, but instead begins in babyhood where bodies are normalized, gender equality and inclusiveness are central in the tone and script children are exposed to from day one. Written from a personal perspective as a parent, the book provides straightforward advice on modeling positive ways you can start having real conversations about sexuality, healthy relationships and romantic relationships with children. You’ll want to read Beyond Birds & Bees from cover to cover.

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Bonnie J. Rough