Better Than I Ever Expected


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What really happens in the bedrooms of older adults? Are people over the age of 60 still having sex? According to author Joan Price, many women over 60 find themselves in the prime of their sexual lives. This book does a great job of addressing the needs, concerns, and realities of women over 60 and their partners.

Price does a great job of touching on physical, mental, and emotional aspects of sexuality. Expect information on physical fitness and health, dealing with the challenges that accompany post-menopause, how to keep your libido going strong, how to keep your sex life with a long-term partner interesting, what to do if you don’t have a partner or have lost your partner, what to do if you or your partner can’t have sex, and much more.

There are also helpful appendices including when and how a therapist can be helpful, a list of resources, and the interview questions given to the women who shared their experiences in the book.

This book is very comprehensive, filled with helpful real-life anecdotes, and a truly straightforward resource for those of us who are past 60 and still going strong.

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