Better Sex Through Yoga


Yoga poses to improve your sexual pleasure and health.

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Are you interested in yoga, but would like a more…fun reason to do it? If so, Better Sex Through Yoga might be for you. By combining traditional yoga poses, pilates, and dance moves with a fun, frisky attitude, this book will have you toning your body and turning up the heat in the bedroom.

Beginning with yoga basics like proper breathing and posture, most of the book describes a variety of fun yoga poses. From floor poses and standing poses to duo assisted poses (couple’s yoga), and ”sexy secretary” poses, there’s plenty of ideas to keep you moving. Some poses keep their traditional names (Downward Dog, Warrior) while others are given whimsical, sexy names (Sex Kitten, Cha Cha Cha, Hula Hips). Besides clear, easy-to-understand photographs and instructions, each pose includes the chakras you’ll be affecting, and a list of ”hottie body” and ”in the bedroom” benefits. The book also includes multiple routines that combine lots of poses into extended workouts, like ”The Honeymoon,” and ”The Bedroom Boogie.” The end of the book illustrates 20 sexual positions that incorporate some of the yoga poses, like the ”Backward Forward Bend,” the ”Orgasmic Camel,” and the ”Erotic Froggie” (something to look forward to!).

The authors touch on some of the principles of yoga, like chakra balancing and the mind/body connection. These things are incorporated into the book, but are not the main focus. The authors emphasize that this is not a tantra book, and will not cover the elements of energy and spirituality that are often discussed in other yoga books. However, this book can certainly complement that type of book or yoga practice.

This book is aimed at young women with male partners. There are several references to Sex and the City, and readers are encouraged to share this book with their ”man.” However, anybody with an interest in yoga and improving their sex life and fitness level can benefit from the information in this book.

By Jacquie Noelle, with Jennifer Langheld. Photos by Garvey Rich. 272 pages. 2007.

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By Jacquie Noelle

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