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Erotic writing has come a long way, but sometimes it lacks a depth of emotion that the more romance-oriented reader may desire. This collection of short stories puts romance at the heart of the story, and includes plenty of explicit sex scenes that increase the heat of the stories along with the emotion. The stories feature long-term lovers rekindling their passion, one-night stands springing from years of desire, and lovers who were friends until Facebook brought them back together.

If you enjoy some romance with your erotica, this will be a good collection for you. The sex scenes in a few of the stories do venture into mildly kinky territory, but most of the tales feature intense, but relatively “vanilla” encounters. The writing is good, making this a nice choice for any woman (it is aimed at women) seeking a pleasurable, mostly heterosexual, romantic and sexually explicit book of stories.

Edited by: Kristina Wright
Length: 216 pages
Published in: 2011