A perfectly-shaped clitoral air stimulator to use alone or with a partner. Fits in the hand comfortably and offers 5 levels of intensity for you to explore. Moderately quiet and sooo beautiful. See below for more details.


Featuring an exclusive Flapping design to offer a uniquely pleasurable experience. The rhythmic up and down movements allow the flexible silicone membrane to move like wings over the clitoral area. The ultra-soft mouth hugs the clitoris and acts as a soundbox whose mission is to amplify the sensations generated by the movements. Play around with the 5 intensities to obtain more or less intense stimulation, with the change of mode easily visible day and night thanks to the backlit screen. Its rounded design is totally adapted to the ergonomics of your hand, making handling a real pleasure.

Like your orgasms in water? In the bath or in the shower, wherever you want  Believer is waterproof! Its small size is a big advantage.

A confidence booster, Believer will give you the courage to experience orgasms with conviction.


  • LED Switch: Notice the flapping/vibration mode change at first glace thanks to LED switching color
  • Travel Size: Compact format 3.9 in. (9.8 cm)
  • Hand Ergonomic: Specifically designed to fit the hand anatomy
  • Flapping Design: The mouth hugs the clitoris perfectly and just like a soundbox, the rhythmic up-and-down and back-and-forth movements allow the supple silicone membrane to wave like bird wings over the clitoral area.
  • Magnetic rechargeable
  • Running time: 1h25
  • Charging time: 1h15
  • Waterproof IPX7


Material:Silicone and ABS plastic

Warranty: 1 Year manufacturer

Additional information


Berry, Midnight Blue

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