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Anal Pleasure and Health , 4th edition, is the most comprehensive guide on anal health and the exploration of anal eroticism for men, women and couples. The information is also valid for transgender individuals, as the one thing that we all have is an anus. It includes thorough discussions about why anal play is considered taboo, and why people enjoy anal pleasuring. It also covers how to explore anal sensations comfortably and safely, how to introduce anal play to a partner, medical issues, and common problems that people encounter.

There is extensive information in the 4th edition about maintaining good anal and bowel health, and the importance of learning how to relieve chronic anal and pelvic tension. The author believes that we all carry a lot of tension in our pelvic floor, and offers you ways to release that tension for better health and wellbeing.

We also like the in-depth exploration of women’s anatomy and pleasure, and the musings about why some women are able to have orgasms solely from anal stimulation.

The author is a psychotherapist, so you also get lots of insight into the psychodynamics of couples and how this plays out in how they incorporate anal play into their sexual repertoires.

If you have always wanted to explore anal eroticism on your own or with a partner, this is a great resource.

Highly Recommended.


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