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Sex is not only for the young. With willingness and imagination, three couples (all over the age of 50) show that sex can continue to be wild and wonderful in spite of … or perhaps because of, life’s experiences. Ageless Desire shows real people in passionate, realistic sexual encounters, making the delicious noise and small talk of sex, as they plan out evening seductions, happily experience multiple orgasms (with soft penetration), and even show you what seems like every position of the Kama Sutra! Far more passionate than most, this movie is very highly recommended.

One reviewer’s opinion:

”Adult film star Juliet Anderson has brought us a truly unique adult video. Ageless Desire introduces us to three different couples who are all in their 60s, and who enjoy tremendous sex lives. These are all real people, with real bodies, who show us the way sex happens in their lives.
”The first scene shows Juliet and her partner enjoying a striptease (he strips for her), a great orgasm for her, and lots of fun play between the two of them, despite the fact that he never has an erection. These two really like each other – in fact, they tell each other ’I love you’ at the end – a rare occurrence in any explicit feature.

”Couple number two enjoys a great morning wake-up romp with lots and lots of orgasms. The male partner has multiple orgasms, even while he doesn’t get a full erection. They enjoy intercourse with a soft erection, and lots of great stimulation that leads to both of them enjoying intense pleasure.

”The third couple has some strategies for avoiding boredom and distractions. The woman seduces her partner away from his remote control, and they proceed to have rowdy sex in all kinds of positions. Like all the couples, they talk to each other throughout the scene, each asking what the other wants and how, and both of them having noisy, wonderful orgasms.

”There is nothing else like this movie. It’s a great celebration of sexual passion and love, and the couples have wonderful emotional connections that shine through. The production is pretty good – we get to hear real sounds, and though it is clearly a video, it is well-shot. For a couple who wants to see other real people enjoying each other in some non-traditional lovemaking, this is a must-see.”

55 minutes.

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