Advanced Toys for Great Sex


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Advanced Toys for Great Sex is a modern, sexy, and informative DVD for couples and singles who are interested in learning basic and more advanced information about how to incorporate sex toys into love making. The movie is hosted by sex therapist Dr. Lori Buckley and sexuality journalist Anne Winters. Lori and Anne, along with a small group of other qualified women, discuss the uses and safety tips of modern toys and other sex products, followed by attractive, real life couples showing how it is done.

The toys covered include clitoral vibrators, G-spot toys, dildos, anal toys (including strap-ons for women to wear to penetrate their male partners), double penetration toys (for solo or partner use), lubricants, men’s toys, the Hitachi Magic Wand, and all different kinds of sex furniture!

We love this DVD because it is very woman friendly–the focus is on female pleasure and orgasm, and the women have real orgasms! Although the couples are all heterosexual, the ideas could easily be applied to female couples, too. The style and music is contemporary and the focus is on the entertaining sex scenes. There are no condoms/gloves, but they are discussed, and the scenes are between life partners. This DVD has accurate information about sexual health, toy usage, tips, and safety advice from fun, qualified, and experienced women, and the sex scenes are loving and very sexy.

Length: 120 min.
Produced in: 2009
Directed by: the Alexander Institute
Hosted by: Dr. Lori Buckley, licensed clinical psychologist and AASECT certified sex therapist, and Anne Winters, a human sexuality journalist.