Advanced Tantric Sex Secrets


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Advanced Tantric Sex Secrets begins with a discussion of some key concepts of Tantric lovemaking, followed by information on Tantric erogenous zones and how to stimulate them. Two real couples demonstrate techniques as they are explained. The instructors, Tantra practitioners Mark Michaels and Patricia Johnson, encourage couples to slow down, cultivate awareness, and maintain an attitude of reverence towards your partner. They describe Tantric arousal zones and provide a general outline of what order to proceed with to build up sexual energy, offering 2 different set patterns of stimulation that can be used. Viewers are encouraged to be creative and use these patterns as a starting point. Finally, the couples have intercourse in Tantric postures. This would be a good choice for anyone wanting to learn new ways to touch their partner and increase their arousal.

Run time: 60 minutes.
Produced in 2007 by Alexander Institute

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