Dragon Bondage Set


ZZaa! Stylish, yet restrained. The Dragon Bondage Set displays submission with a beautiful satin red print, accessorized with brass findings and satin ties. Although the cuffs and collar look like you’d have to untie each one, instead the binding is a wide velcro quick-release strip, and the lacing makes for very easy size adjustment. (The sizes mentioned below probably can be stretched a bit depending on how the lacing is tied.) The Dragon Bondage Set includes:

  • Satin tie padded blindfold
  • Formed posture collar with loop
  • Two wrist restraints
  • Two ankle restraints
  • Two 8″ double clip chains
  • A 30″ chain leash

What’s. Not. To. Like? If the wearer fiddles with the velcro binding, well…there are consequences that can be employed.

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Size: Collar: 20″ long with 7″ widest diameter. Wrist: 11″ long w/ 3″ diameter. Ankle: 15″ w/ 5″ widest diameter.
Color: Black/silver.
Material: Cloth and brass findings
Care & Cleaning: Splashable, blot dry before storing.