101 Positions for Lovers


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Author and educator Jayme Waxman, M.Ed. hosts this guide on sexual positions filmed on location in scenic Negril, Jamaica. Jayme takes you through roughly 101 positions with real-life heterosexual couples to help you expand your sexual repertoire.

You have the option to watch the movie straight through, or select scenes by couple, position type, skill level, or specific needs (divided into positions that provide clitoral stimulation, g-spot stimulation, extra support for her, or positions to help him last longer).

Missionary, woman on top, sitting and standing–you’ll learn slight variations in angle and approach to bring your tried and true positions to new erotic heights. There are a few positions that require a bit of strength and balance to maintain, but most are pretty straightforward.

The DVD also has some bonus features, including the audition tapes and interviews of the couples who star in the film, as well as a featurette on filming at Hendonism II, an adult vacation resort.

This movie is a good choice for visual learners looking for a hint of inspiration and variety. The scenes are short and sweet and the DVD includes a lot of content, so you may choose to watch this movie more than once as you apply your knowledge.

Run time: 112 minutes.

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