101 Nights of Great Sex


Has your sex life gotten routine? Dull? Or maybe you just need some inspiration and a reminder to enjoy each other more often. You get 101 sealed pages full of ideas for him and her to make sex more fun and interesting. First you get an assignment such as: Kneel before her and present her with a rose. Gently slip some grapes past her lips. Massage her feet with scented oil, rubbing it in slowly and firmly. Then cue up a song that makes you feel like dancing, not with her – for her!

There’s also little bits of wisdom like: ”Sex and laughter go together”. Heterosexual couples who buy this book come back with smiles on their faces and a lilt in their steps. One happy couple said it was the best cure for the relationship blahs. A great wedding or anniversary gift, or just fun for an any-day surprise.

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Laura Corn

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