101 Masturbation Secrets for Lovers


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In this educational offering from the Alexander Institute, Dr. Lori Buckley discusses 101 masturbation tricks and tips for solo and partner play. The DVD contains eight chapters, ranging from pleasuring yourself, pleasuring a partner (male or female), g-spot and clitoral stimulation, ecstatic male masturbation, using masturbation as foreplay, and incorporating toys and personal lubricants. The DVD even includes a bonus chapter on using sex furniture and other sexual devices.

Dr. Buckley uses a very down-to-earth and practical tone, and offers precise, medically accurate information, making this an approachable video for couples who may not have lots of experience viewing erotic/explicit videos. There are plenty of sensual scenes showing individual and mutual masturbation, making this a great video for viewing either on your own or with a partner. 101 Masturbation Secrets features real life couples demonstrating each technique and shows a nice range of body types and ethnicities.  There is genuine affection and playful interaction between the couples who model open communication and exploration wonderfully, and the video concludes with some very romantic lovemaking. The emphasis throughout the entire video is on relaxing, embracing pleasure, and using masturbation to understand yourself better and create more intimacy with a partner. 

Length: 80 min.
Produced in: 2010
Directed by: The Alexander Institute
Hosted by: Dr. Lori Buckley, licensed clinical psychologist and AASECT certified sex therapist.