100 Questions about Sex


These “playful and provocative” cards are designed to offer a fun way to talk about sex with a partner. Sometimes starting conversations about sexuality can be harder than it feels they should be, whether it be with a new lover or an established partner. Using a script of sorts  that feels more like a friendly game can be a great way to break the ice. Even though our staff talk and read about sexuality a whole lot,  we discovered creative prompts that we hadn’t thought of before.

We love that the cards are divided into three categories–“X, XX, and XXX”– so that you can decide how intimate or explicit you want to get with any given person or situation. The “X” cards felt like questions you could even ask friends during a lady’s night type of gathering. For example, “What do you find attractive about the opposite and same sex?” The “XX” options were definitely a bit naughtier, often asking “Have you ever..” The “XXX” are more appropriate to use with someone you are already comfortable with and want to dive deep with.

These cards are great tools for connecting with partners or even good friends, learning about personal histories, desires, and preferences, and also shedding light on your own sexuality. Plus, the electric pink color of the cards is rather delightful. We appreciate details…

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