What is so special about stainless steel, glass and lucite?

It’s true…stainless steel, glass and lucite make unusual and delightful toys. These materials are used primarily in toys that are used for insertion into either the vagina or anus (aka dildos or plugs) and they offer several unique features:

  • They hold temperatures longer and better than silicone or elastomers (cold and hot both).
  • They offer a very, very smooth surface to glide against your sensitive tissues. Some glass does feature ridges or nubs, but even these will slide over your skin differently than those on a silicone or elastomer toy.
    If you have really delicate, sensitive skin, the smooth surface is a great choice for enhancing your pleasure without risking any skin tears.
  • They are the firmest option you can find when seeking a dildo for g-spot, t-zone or prostate stimulation. These areas often require deep or firm massage to produce their pleasurable sensations; steel, glass and lucite offer this strength and firmness.
  • Stainless and glass are heavier, so they offer you even more sensation as you use them. No lightweight toys in those categories!
  • They all clean up magnificently, needing only soap and water for cleaning.
  • You can use any lubricant you like with stainless, glass or lucite. So your favorite lube won’t hurt your (new) favorite toy.

If you want something a little special that will offer you the options of enhancing your pleasure with a bit of smooth, a bit of weight and some cool or heat, look at our stainless steel, glass and lucite playthings as helping you enjoy those.