Condom leakage … what to do?

My husband and I often use condoms. However, we are having trouble with leakage. When he ejaculates, the fluid runs out the bottom of the condom at the base of his penis. Even if he pulls out the instant he is done, there is often some of his fluid on my vaginal lips. We haven’t tried every brand of condom out there, so I’m wondering if we just need a better fit. Do you have any advice?

It sounds like some investigation would be worthwhile to find a condom that fits him properly. External condoms are made with a pretty wide range of sizes and shapes, and a Condom Sampler or a Condom Sampler: Grande might be just the thing to try. Also, the Internal Condom (only available on the web) is a lovely solution to this type of problem, since you wouldn’t need to worry as much about when he pulls out.

If you decide on a external condom, make sure you are leaving a lot of room at the tip of the condom when it is put on. You can do this by pinching the tip of the condom so that the semen reservoir (the smaller bubble at the end) doesn’t get pulled down over the tip of the penis. Make sure this “bubble” and a little bit of the condom are empty at the end. If you are already doing that, you might want to try a condom like the One Legend, which has a lot of room at the tip for the semen.

Another thing to try is putting an erection ring at the base of a external condom. A simple stretchy one will work the best. These will hold the condom snugly at the base, preventing any leakage.