Ben Wa Balls, Pleasure Balls, Kegel Eggs..What’s the Difference?

The popular book trilogy, 50 Shades of Grey, included a mention of some wearable balls (named Ben Wa Balls in the book) that apparently caused great pleasure to the woman wearing them. Whether you’ve been reading erotica that mentions Ben Wa Balls, looking for something fun to wear when you are out and about, or wondering how you can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, read on! If you’re still not sure what to choose, just ask–we’re always happy to answer questions. 

Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa Balls are pairs of metal balls about the size of a marble (usually 1″ wide or smaller). Women can wear them in the vagina to add pleasure to basic activities, or for extra sensation during intercourse. However, the size of the balls means they are likely to slip out, or cause the wearer to clench her pelvic floor muscles uncomfortably to keep them in. For this reason, they are not effective tools for Kegel exercises, nor are they comfortable to wear as toys for prolonged arousal. A Woman’s Touch chooses not to carry Ben Wa Balls for these reasons; we recommend trying a set of Pleasure Balls or a Kegel Exercise egg instead. 

Pleasure Balls

Also called sensation balls, motion balls, love balls, or duotone balls, these come in a variety of styles, colors, and textures. The two connected balls are wider than Ben Wa Balls (usually 1 1/2″ or so in width), and each has an inner weighted ball that moves inside the casing. They are coated in non-porous silicone and/or plastic, and have a small cord for easy removal. For women who can enjoy penetration by two fingers, the balls should be a comfortable size and weight to wear during active pursuits (dancing, doing chores, etc.). A person should not have to clench her pelvic floor muscles to keep them in; doing so will strain the muscles. This toy is too large to be worn during intercourse and is not designed to assist with Kegel exercises. To browse the styles we offer, look to the right of this article.

Kegel Exercise Egg

Designed specifically to help a woman strengthen her pelvic floor muscles, the Kegel Egg is a smooth, weighted exercise tool with an attached cord. The Egg is wider (1 1/2″ – 1 3/4″ wide) and heavier than Pleasure Balls or Ben Wa Balls, so it tones muscles by providing biofeedback and weight resistance. The Stone Egg is made of smooth, natural stone to create minimal friction against the vaginal skin. It is not recommended to wear this item as a pleasure toy during motion-based activities, since it is quite heavy.

Combination Kegel & Pleasure Balls

A combination set is a versatile product you can use as a toy for pleasure one moment, and a Kegel exercise tool the next. It comes with a few smooth balls of various weights, a stretchy holder for one ball, and a stretchy holder for two balls. Strengthen your muscles by working from the lightest ball to the heaviest in the single ball holder; or, use the two lighter balls in the double ball holder, insert them into your vagina, and go out dancing! See the Velvet Kegel/Pleasure Balls to the right for the set that we carry that functions this way.