Water Resistant

These toys are okay to use in the shower, but cannot be safely submerged under water.


Throb(!) in a very small package. Darla is a very throbby, multiple vibration type vibrator that passed our long *swim test* with flying colors!


When you want just enough, Bubbles is the answer. This smooth, flexible toy is smaller than many toys that could be used for anal play.


With a quiet, throbby vibration, and smooth plastic shell, Cleo is a very arousing companion.

Carita Vibrator

Carita is a darling. Her smooth, silky surface coats a flexible shaft with progressively larger bubbles from end to tip, letting you decide just how much of her you'd like to experience.

Water Rocket

The Water Rocket is a higher quality, super-charged version of our Water Sprite, this one-speed water-resistant vibrator features very intense vibration for those who love the pow


This little toy offers a range of buzzy vibration, a velvety-smooth coating, and subtle ripples to add some interesting texture to your experience.