These toys are rechargeable, and do require batteries.


If you like the bulb end on Nina, but wish it was silicone-coated and rechargable, Stella might meet your needs.


When you like a flicking action rather than a direct vibration, Demi provides it in a splashable, rechargable package.


A throbby finger vibrator? And it's comfortable to wear on your finger? And is rechargeable!?! The Fingo has accomplished something special.


Throb(!) in a very small package. Darla is a very throbby, multiple vibration type vibrator that passed our long *swim test* with flying colors!

We Vibe Sync

A wonderfully improved version of the We Vibe 4 Plus...more flexible to fit different bodies, vibrators can be positioned to make sure that the wearer gets the stimulation they want, and an app wit