These toys are rechargeable, and do require batteries.


If you like the slimness of Sophie but were hoping for a throbbier intensity, then the quiet Vera might be a nice option.

Laya II

Have you ever used a vibrator so throbby it almost growls at you? You know: the kind of growl that you can feel but almost not hear?


Sleekly designed, Kate is a multi-stimulation vibrator without pesky nubs and knobs to get in your way.

Mano Wand

Have you now? Discovered how nice wand-style vibration is on the penis, that is. For those wanting a wand with a built-in cupping surface, the Mano Wand is a rechargeable toy of wonder.

Flip Ring ER

No more losing your vibrator in the bed. Although this silicone Flip Ring can be worn on a penis or dildo, it just as easily *flips* around and strapped to a hand.