Not Anal Safe

These toys do not have a flared base, and so should not be inserted anally. 


Hard surfaces transmit vibration better. Angela has a super smooth, hard plastic surface and powerful rumbly vibrations and all sorts of ways to play. Pinpoint? Long surfaces?


Velvet is a slim little vibrator with a velvety finish and a slim shape. Velvet is a good choice for slipping between bodies for external stimulation or for vaginal penetration.


When slim and simple is desired, Carrie is an interesting option. Using a single button, push thru 10 different modes of mild to moderate buzzy vibration.


Quiet like Cosmo, but nada bunny shape. Ayesha has simple buttons control 4 escalating intensity of vibration provide vibration all the way to the tippy tip of the tip.


Sometimes simple is just fine. Rita is a simple shaft shaped vibrator with a dial switch that increases the vibration from low to high. That's it; nothin' fancy.

Laya II

Have you ever used a vibrator so throbby it almost growls at you? You know: the kind of growl that you can feel but almost not hear?