Harness Compatible

These toys can be used in a harness; some can be worn to penetrate a partner, while others can be worn in a harness cuff to penetrate the harness-wearer. See the description for more information.


For those who want a shorter, 3 to 4 finger wide dildo, consider Helga. Her firm silicone is firm, smooth and easy to maintain.


We think of Johnny as Juanita with two extras -- a visually realistic silicone dildo, complete with 2 half-testicles (flat-backed to fit against the body better)!


So you like the feel of Cyberskin, but want something even more realistic and much easier to clean? Try Tess on for size.


Melvina is a moderately firm, yet flexible, slightly curved silicone dildo, preferred by those who like 2-finger penetration. Great in a harness, or a hand.


Made of 100% Vixskin silicone, with a firm core and softer layers surrounding it, Sonny feels ultra-realistic.

Isadora 2

Isadora 2 is a non-representational, smooth-sided, moderately firm silicone dildo with a broad round base. Quite adaptable for hand-held or harness use.