Harness Compatible

These toys can be used in a harness; some can be worn to penetrate a partner, while others can be worn in a harness cuff to penetrate the harness-wearer. See the description for more information.


Our most basic soft packing dildo, this inexpensive item is made of a realistic Cyberskin-like material and is designed to give you a bulge, but not be used for penetration.


Looking to inspire a little more depth in your next pleasure session? Storm’s strong color, smooth surface, and firm material could be what you’re looking for.


When you want a dildo that’s quite large (3+ fingers wide) and realistic-looking and feeling, Giovanni might fulfill your desires.


A slim, semi-realistic, silicone dildo that is firm and long enough for thrusting. The slight curve will follow the curve of the body to be comfortable for either vaginal or anal penetration.


Laverne is a moderately firm, yet flexible, silicone dildo comfortable for those who prefer a little bit more than 1 finger’s penetration.


This slim, firm, curved dildo is made of the smoothest silicone material we’ve encountered.


If you’re looking for a shorter, 3 to 4 finger wide dildo that feels very realistic, Olga may be just right!


This silicone sleeve was designed to be worn over a man's non-erect penis and kept in place by slipping the scrotum through the attached ring.