Harness Compatible

These toys can be used in a harness; some can be worn to penetrate a partner, while others can be worn in a harness cuff to penetrate the harness-wearer. See the description for more information.


Petra is a moderately sized, moderately firm silicone dildo with a slight curve to the shaft and place in the base to hide a Turbo Twinkle vibrator.


This substantial silicone vibrating dildo is the most representational vibrating silicone toy that we carry.


Phoebe is a sleek, tapered dildo is made of moderately flexible silicone, has a perfectly smooth surface, and features a little vibrator in her base.

Vixskin Johnny

This is the Vixskin version of the Johnny - a visually realistic silicone dildo, complete with 2 half-testicles (flat-backed to fit against the body better while being used in a harness).


A realistic-looking silicone dildo for the person who wants a very filling experience. 3+ fingers wide and long enough for easy use in a harness or by hand.


If you like the size of Juanita but want something a little more ... masculine and realistic-feeling, try Juan. Made of VixSkin, he’s 100% silicone and very realistic.


Say ”howdy” to Duane, one of our VixSkin dildos. Made of 100% silicone, with a firm core and softer layers surrounding it, Duane feels ultra-realistic.


Looking for something that looks and feels ultra-realistic, but is smaller than Juan or Duane and a little slimmer than Tess?


Leona (also known as Leo by her creators, Vixen Creations), is a moderately sized, moderately firm, 2 fingers wide silicone dildo.