Harness Compatible

These toys can be used in a harness; some can be worn to penetrate a partner, while others can be worn in a harness cuff to penetrate the harness-wearer. See the description for more information.

Isadora 1

Isadora 1 is a non-representational, smooth-sided, moderately firm silicone dildo with a broad round base. Quite adaptable for hand-held or harness use.


Firm, smooth silicone surface with the hint of representation, Alain represents a smaller, more compact version of Storm although the curve of the shaft bends in the opposite dire

Carita Vibrator

Carita is a darling. Her smooth, silky surface coats a flexible shaft with progressively larger bubbles from end to tip, letting you decide just how much of her you'd like to experience.


Petra is a moderately sized, moderately firm silicone dildo with a slight curve to the shaft and place in the base to hide a Turbo Twinkle vibrator.