Anal Safe

These toys have either a flared base or some other mechanism that makes them safe for anal insertion. Not all toys marked "anal safe" were designed specifically for anal play; read the description to help you make the best choice.

Twist Dildo

When a gently curved profile with a twist of sensation is appealing, the Twist Series allows you to pick exactly the width and depth you'd like. In black, all in black.


You'll be bob, bob, bobbin' along with Lilith's sister Robin. Instead of only 1 motor, Robin has two: one in the penetration shaft, and one in the small shaft.


Looking for a whisper-quiet, throbby pelvic plexus/prostate stimulation toy? Roberto is a smooth silicone toy ideal for anal play.


If you like the slimness of Sophie but were hoping for a throbbier intensity, then the quiet Vera might be a nice option.


The light lavender glow of Kashvi might be the last thing you see at night if you give him a prominent place on the night stand.