Knotty Love: Rope Bondage for Beginners

One of the most common fantasies of both men and women involves the idea being bound by rope on the body. This is the class to introduce you and your partner to the safe and sensuous potential of rope in your erotic play. You’ll learn more than how to tie the human body safely--you’ll explore your own deep erotic fantasies and learn how to bring them to life with a consenting partner and a few meters of rope. Whether you’re trying out your own "50 Shades" or just want to explore some hot fetish fashion, you’ll come away with an exciting new set of skills for the bedroom and beyond. 
Graydancer ( is a sexuality educator, performer, and activist living in Madison. He has taught classes on erotic play throughout the U.S., Canada, andEurope at kinky conferences and his own unique "GRUE" events. Much of his work is featured online through the Kink Academy and PassionateU websites. Gray is also a published author of BDSM erotica and in January of 2013 was featured in Lisa Ling’s "Our America" episode "Shades of Kink" on the Oprah Winfrey Network.
His online show "the Ropecast" ( has been enjoyed by thousands of listeners worldwide.
Rope will be provided for use during the class. Attending with a partner is highly recommended, but not required.
Cost is $40 per person/$70 per couple. Pre-payment required at time of registration.
Date: 02/23/2014
Starts: 1:00 pm
Ends: 3:00 pm

A Woman's Touch 302 S. Livingston St. Madison, WI 53703 Call: 608-250-1928 for more information
[email protected] or 608-250-1928