Travelling with Sex Toys


Air travel with sex toys and supplies (as with everything else) has become increasingly challenging as security tightens. And now, it’s nearly impossible to bring even lubricants or massage oils in your carry-on. You may have heard stories of travellers being singled out or harassed for taking sex toys through security, or even for appearing to be a gender not reflected by their driver’s license.

In this article, Violet Blue gives advice and reassurance to concerned travellers. For example, "you have just as much right to have a dildo in your luggage as you do any personal care item; it is not dangerous, and it is improper for anyone to make it public." She also suggests that you remove batteries from all toys, and only take them in your carry-on if you absolutely must.


takes a humorous stance on the subject. For example, "Lubes are still permitted if packed in checked luggage, but that won’t help you any if you were hoping to use them in flight" and "if you enjoy wearing a[n anal] plug in public, it could help alleviate the tedium of a dull flight and long lines in the terminal." If you’re planning to fly sometime soon, and you’d like to bring along items for your sexual pleasure, these articles may be helpful!