Painful penetration in post-menopausal women


Decrease in estrogen production means an increased risk of pain during penetration

If you’re a peri-, or post-menopausal woman experiencing pain with penetration, you’re not alone. The decrease in estrogen production (the hormone responsible for keeping the vaginal walls lubricated and flexible) during menopause , and a change in vaginal pH, can lead to painful penetration. According to a recent study by Dr. Murray Freedman at the Medical College of Georgia, there are ways to ease or even prevent the pain. Freedman recommends penetration at least once a week (with a dildo, fingers, or penis) to help "maintain tissue integrity by dilation and increased genital blood flow," as well as using a vibrator or vaginal dilator regularly, and "becom[ing] orgasmic periodically." We’ve been saying this for years -- it’s nice to see the medical establishment finally catching on.  If you follow our Vaginal Renewal program using a vibrator, and Liquid Silk lubricant, you’ll be on the road to comfortable penetration.