Brits want a range of condom sizes


Britain’s FPA (Family Planning Association) has recommended that the NHS (National Health Service) distribute a wider selection of free condoms at clinics, citing the prevalence of STIs and a recent survey indicating that one out of every three people has experienced condom breakage. The FPA claims that condom fit is a major factor in condom breakage, and that providing a variety of options will help people feel more confident and comfortable about using condoms. According to the article, Toni Belfield of the FPA said: "Men come in different shapes and sizes and so do condoms. Poor use of condoms can have devastating consequences on people’s sexual health."

While condom fit is something to consider, we would argue that proper use and adequate lubrication are more important factors in preventing condom breakage and boosting people’s comfort in using them. So, provide some free education and lube along with that wider range of condoms, please!