100 Ways to Keep Sexual Freedom Alive


This list was compiled by Raven Kaldera, transgender activist and author. A lot of the ideas have to do with cultivating sex-positive attitudes and communities, promoting awareness and acceptance of sexual minorities, learning about your own sexual health, pleasure, and identity, and above all, loving yourself. While some of the suggestions are more political than what we talk about here at A Woman’s Touch, many others are the sorts of things we encourage all the time, such as "Talk about sex and sexuality with your partners;" "Love your own flesh. Work on loving even the unlovable parts of it. Do sensuous things for it;" and "Make having a good, fulfilling sex life a high priority in your life." You may not agree with every suggestion, but they’ll give you some interesting and possibly inspiring ideas to consider.

Link: http://ravenkaldera.org/activism/100-things-sexual-freedom.html