How To Choose

How to choose a Vibrator and Why To Use One

Published: Oct 8 2008
Download a free PDF version of this brochure Dear Sex Counselor, I’m thinking about getting a vibrator, but I don’t know how to pick one.  Why do women use them? How do I know which one is right for me? P.S. I’ve heard vibrators can be addicting. Is this true? Vibrators can be used for all sorts of things: to enhance your pleasure...

How to choose a massage oil or cream

Published: Oct 8 2008
Dear Sex Counselor, How do I know which massage oils or creams are best for me? Thinking of a nice massage? A nice warm room, comfy sheets and towels, dim lights, soothing music, a bowl of warm water to heat your massage oil, and you’re ready for your massage. But do you ever feel overwhelmed when trying to select just the right product...

How can I choose a book about sex for my child?

Published: Jan 15 2009
Dear Sex Counselor, My child is growing up fast. Could you recommend some books that give good information and advice about changing bodies that would be appropriate, understandable and fun for a teen? There are many different books available that talk frankly, openly and respectfully to kids, male and female, about what to expect as they...