Best intercourse positions for avoiding back pain

I am 61 years old and still sexually active with my partner who has some back problems.  During intercourse he is usually on top but occasionally wants me to be on top. I try but it seems like it’s not a comfortable fit and I don’t have the flexibility in my spine.  So that only lasts about a minute.  I of course want to give him a break sometimes and wondered in there’s a position aide/prop that might be helpful or any advice you may have.

There are a variety of positions that work well for people who have back or knee pain and want to avoid pressure on those.

“Spooning” where you both lie on your sides and your partner enters from behind is a good choice, and allows you or him to reach down and provide direct clitoral stimulation. You can move back and forth toward him, or him forward and back toward you.

Sitting up on a chair, with his feet on the ground and you either sitting facing toward or away him is another good choice. If you are not too heavy for him, you can wrap your legs around him and rock back and forth (or try this in a rocking chair and let the chair do the work for you).

Another one we like a lot is to have him lie on his side and then you lie at a 90 degree angle to him, with your legs over his hip. This is great for looking into each other’s eyes, and again offers the opportunity for direct clitoral stimulation using fingers or a vibrator during intercourse.

If you like penetration from behind, you can lie on your stomach on a table (put a pillow or folded towel under your belly for comfort) so that you are at waist height, and he can penetrate you while standing.