The Myth of the Magic Button: The G, A, & U "Spots" Explained


Many of us have seen bright headlines in magazines that claim to teach you how to find a magical "spot" on you or your partner's body that will give them "mind-blowing" orgasms like they've never had before. While it's true that each individual often has many paths to orgasm and that, depending on the path used, orgasms can feel different from each other, the idea that everyone has a number of fixed "spots" that trigger the same sensations is simply not true.
It turns out that there are many places where sensory nerve bundles come together, and stimulating these "spots" can result in pleasurable sensations. There are several "spots" where these nerves can be reached by tapping on or stroking the vaginal wall.
The "G-spot" has been identified most recently as the area in the lower vagina, just beyond the pubic bone, and pressing against it allows one to press against the paraurethral ducts, which secrete small amounts of milky fluid to keep the urethra open (the same way the prostate does so for the urethra in a man). This tissue is analogous to the prostate in men, and has no nerves running to it specifically, but nerves course past it and connect to the top of the clitoral legs (crura) and the rest of the clitoris. So rubbing against, tapping, or otherwise stimulating that area can allow for stimulation of these nerves and feel pleasurable. Or...some women find it to be rather neutral, others rather irritating as it leads to stimulation of the urethra and they may not enjoy that feeling.
The "A Spot" refers to the area that allows you to connect with the big nerve bundle on the back of the bladder wall. That nerve bundle is known as the Trigone, and controls bladder function, and can also produce sensations of pleasure when tapped, vibrated, or otherwise stimulated.
Another "spot" that has been named is the "U Spot" - which is the whole area around the cervix. When the cervix is bumped or manipulated it can cause stimulation of the nerves that connect to the deep pelvic floor and produce pleasurable sensations for some women. Note that some women HATE cervical manipulation, so this, as with all the others, is to be explored carefully and consensually only.
Tugging on the different layers of the pelvic floor can produce pleasurable sensations as well, without being related to any one spot. Some women report the orgasms that happen while this kind of stimulation is happening (along with some sort of clitoral stimulation for most) feel really big and round and like they encompass the whole bowl of the pelvis.
We collectively call these spots the pelvic plexus, which describes a system of connected nerves and sensitive areas. You may find that by playing with different types of stimulation in different (or all) parts of this plexus, you may experience orgasms that are symphonic rather than the (sound) feeling of a single instrument.
So rather than chasing spots, we recommend exploring, spelunking, playing, and being open to the idea that there may be a variety of ways to intensify pleasure sensations through the use of tools, toys, fingers and penises against these various nerve pathways.
For those with a background in Anatomy and Physiologoy or who want to dive into the 'geeky' version of this story, check out Dr. Myrtle's article about the Pelvic Plexis.

Tips and Tools for Exploring the Pelvic Plexus Areas:
First, many areas are often too deep to reach by fingers. Sometimes it's worth using a dildo, vibrator, or other toy from your erotic toolkit to aid in your pelvic plexus adventuring.
A "spot" exploration: Women cannot reach here on their own, and partners may or may not be able to reach that far inside. We have found that it works well to use a very firm dildo, glass or steel are good, and hold it by hand and tap it forward toward the belly button once it is deeply inserted.

Another option is a longer vibrator that has a "throbby" vibration. If you look on our web site you will see "Diva" "Jill" and the "Vaginal Renewal Wand Size 4" (also known to us as Viola), both of which have good length and a wide vibration that taps against the trigone and the deep pelvic floor very effectively.

Penetration by a penis or firm dildo (the penis has to be very firm as well) from behind, aiming toward the belly button can also be effective.

Adding an anal plug or vibrator can also engage more of the pelvic floor and transmit sensations throughout the bowl of the pelvic floor, thus adding more to the symphony.
This is more esoteric, but vaginal fisting is tremendously effective at reaching the Trigone and at engaging and twanging the full sent of pelvic floor muscles. It's obviously not for everyone, but I believe this is the reason it has such appeal to those who love it. It produces that full symphony of sensation that, when added to clitoral stimulation by hand, mouth or vibrator create a huge basket of sensation before and during orgasm.

Sometimes the double balls (the ones with a weighted ball inside another plastic shell) that are worn internally can also stimulate this area, but that also requires either vibration or strong pelvic floor muscles so the woman can flex and relax the muscles to create the motion that stimulates the nerves.
You'll want to use something firm but soft to stimulate the G-spot area. Vibrators with a slight curve at the end work well. See "Related Products" at right of this article for some ideas of where to start.