Valentine's Day Gift Ideas



Let the sparks fly this February! Whether you want to seduce your honey on the sly with a sexy coupon, stock up on lube for a sensual marathon, warm up with a hot new erotica collection, or try a little bit of everything, we’ve gathered some ideas to help you get started.

The Hot Quickie

Roll the Playful Dice and see which body part and action they land on! Or, pick a card from The Sex Deck and tuck it into your honey’s bag before work—if you’re feeling especially flirtatious, add a note that says “Your lunch break or mine?”

The Fiesty Flirt

Before that special Valentine’s day date, get yourself a copy of The Power of Wow, Crystal Breast Tattoos. and an outfit you feel sexy in. Put the tattoo anywhere you’d like to draw your date’s attention, and make sure to leave a little peeking out from underneath your clothing…

The Sweet Afternoon Tryst

If you and your partner don’t always find the time to enjoy spooning, canoodling, and other cuddly delicacies, wrap up a copy of The Cuddle Sutra with one of our AWT Luxury Lotion Candles, clear the room (or house) of distractions, put on some relaxing music, and set aside an hour (or three) to reconnect through touch.

The Steamy Seduction

Did you or your main squeeze enjoy 50 Shades of Grey? If you found the story thrilling, try taking turns reading stories from The Big Book of Bondage aloud with your partner. To build suspense, restrain your partner with Liberator’s Everything Restraint Kit, and keep a feather, a few ice cubes, and a piece of silk handy for surprise sensations between passages. 

The (Non-Traditional) Bouquet

Roses are the old standby…but what about a flower that is pleasing to more than just the eyes? If you’d enjoy experimenting with anal play, try the Deluxe Rosebud Play Kit, which comes with two "rose," anal plugs along with several other tantalizing goodies.

The All-Night Adventure

If you want to turn your fantasy of hours of candle-lit pleasure into a reality, try pairing a bottle of Uberlube—a slick silicone lubricant that will stay slippery as long as you need it—with a copy of Urban Tantra (and maybe a pot of coffee!), and let your imagination run wild. 

Looking for ideas but not sure where to start? Give us a call and we'll be happy to help you find something that fits your needs. 

Happy Valentine's Day from A Woman's Touch!
May pleasure be with you,
The Sex Counselor