How to change how I have orgasms?

Published: Sep 10 2008
Dear Sex Counselor, I’m 40 years old, reasonably orgasmic, but there’s a catch: I can only come if I masturbate in a rather strange way. I must have learned it as a young child, but I can only reach orgasm if I kind of "hump" the end of a bed, sofa, or other kind of soft/kind of firm surface. It usually takes quite a while, too. I am too...

Women's orgasms

Published: Sep 10 2008
Dear Sex Counselor, My current girlfriend cums faster when I stimulate her actual pussy. Her clit is hard to find. It is small. Is an orgasm from the clit the same as an orgasm from the pussy? Orgasms are orgasms, regardless of what you stimulate to achieve them. Orgasms happen partly in the head and partly from actual stimulation; in fact,...

Woman slow to orgasm

Published: Oct 14 2008
Dear Sex Counselor, I know that orgasms are clitorally produced, but my clitoris does not seem to be very sensitive. I have found that I can not reach an orgasm unless my boyfriend and I are very rough. It is often difficult to reach an orgasm at all, and I am starting to get a little bit frustrated. I also feel that my boyfriend may be getting...