What are the differences between your Instructional Movies?


I am wondering how I can tell the difference between the different instructional movies you have for sale. Can you help?


We have divided our instructional films into several categories to help make your purchasing decisions easier.

Instructional films with a more "mainstream" approach

This first category refers to films that have qualities typical of mainstream erotica, including sex scenes portrayed by adult film stars, external ejaculation and genital close-ups, and/or informal language use. They are great choices for those comfortable with the tone who are looking for frank, inclusive information that incorporates the perspectives of diverse gender and sexual identities.

Developed by sex educators and authors in the field, Tristan Taormino's VividEd Guides, Nina Hartley's films, Carol Queen's films (produced by Fatale Media, S.I.R. Media Productions, or Good Releasing) generally fit this description.

Some examples include:

Instructional films with a new age or tantra-based philosophy & films on massage

Films in this category draw from the principles of Tantra and East Asian spiritual thought, and often discuss the psychological, spiritual, and energetic components of sexuality. Whether or not you're interested in the philosophical dimensions, these films focus on sex outside of penetrative intercourse, and can be excellent choices for partners looking to try new types of sensual touch and sex play.

Films by the New School of Erotic Touch featuring Joseph Kramer and Annie Sprinkle films fall into this category.

Some examples include:

Instructional films with a more formal and softer approach

These films tend to have a more sensual and romantic theme and feature sex scenes with real-life couples. The vast majority feature heterosexual couples. Typically films in this category feature the input of physicians, sex educators, counselors and therapists, which creates a slightly more clinical tone.

These films are especially nice if you're still getting comfortable discussing sexuality with a partner, or exploring different types of sex play for the first time.

If you're interested in this approach, look for films by the Sinclair Intimacy Institute (Better Sex Video Series and the Sexplorations Series), as well as the Loving Sex Series and the Modern Kama Sutra Series by the Alexander Institute.

Some examples include:

Instructional films Focused Exclusively on Self-Pleasure and Orgasm

Betty Dodson's films focus specifically on female sexual pleasure and orgasm, and showcase Betty's unique coaching sessions for women. Betty teaches women how to have their first orgasms and how to expand their self-pleasuring techniques.

Though not affiliated with Betty Dodson, Orgasm: Faces of Ecstasy focuses entirely on women and men's orgasms by capturing the facial expressions and physical responses of individuals as they experience orgasm.

These films are a great choice for women interested in learning new techniques for self-pleasure, women experiencing difficulty with orgasm, and anyone who would like to see real people having real orgasms.

Some examples include: