Men's Sex Toys


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Dear Sex Counselor,

I am interested in getting a sex toy specifically designed for a man, but I don’t know where to begin. What are my choices?

There are several different types of sex toys made specifically for men. At A Woman’s Touch, you’ll find men’s toys that fit into four broad categories: masturbation sleeves, erection rings, prostate massagers, and anal toys. Here’s a run-down of the options.

Masturbation sleeves

Masturbation sleeves are tubes of material that fit around the penis during masturbation. They’re made of soft, squishy material that warms to body temperature easily, and, with the addition of some quality water-based lubricant, can quite accurately imitate the suction, friction, texture and warmth of intercourse or oral sex.

•The Velvet Glove is a simple sleeve that creates a stimulating combination of stroking (with the textured bits on the inside of the sleeve) and suction. This is a nice, affordable choice, and it’s made of a sturdy, easy-to-clean, non-latex elastomer material.

• The Maven is a soft elastomer sleeve featuring a nubbly interior and a closed end to create suction as it is moved along the shaft of the penis. It is similar to the Velvet Glove, but with a slightly different feel, and not as snug of a fit.

• The Tube is made of Cyberskin, a soft material free of phthalates and latex, and has two open ends, giving the user two options for snugness of fit. Contoured for easy grip, with interior ribs for added texture, this toy is a good choice for those who aren’t interested in suction, or who want a toy that is easy to hold and/or use with a partner. 

• The Crystal Sleeve is a very soft, shorter sleeve, with three interior ribbed sections and one closed end, offering suction and a different feel from the nubbins of the Velvet Glove and Maven.

• The Ever Ready (aka the Fleshlight) is a Cyberskin sleeve that can be used inside its plastic case for a more snug fit, or hand-held outside its case for a more flexible fit. The combination of squishy warmth and suction has led many men to tell us that the Ever Ready feels a lot like intercourse.

• Palmer is a unique handheld toy that adds texture and vibration to masturbation or a handjob. Slip the toy over your hand, turn the vibrator on, then hold the partial sleeve against the penis during masturbation. This is a great option for men of all sizes, and for those who want to add a little extra fun to their self-pleasuring repertoire. 

For increased sensation and slipperiness, we recommend using a water-based lubricant like FleshLube (a thinner choice), Liquid Silk (a lotion-like texture) or Maximus (a thicker choice) with all our masturbation sleeves, but we also have a nice Lubricant Sampler pack and discover wich you like the best.  We don’t recommend silicone- or oil-based lubricants with any of our masturbation sleeves because they will damage or destroy the material.

Erection Rings, a.k.a. Cock Rings

Erection rings are rings of material that fasten around the base of the penis or around the penis and scrotum. Generally used along with other toys or during partner sex, erection rings hold blood in the penis during an erection, making the penis more swollen and sensitive and a bit firmer. Some erection rings feature vibrators that help bring more blood into the penis and add to the wearer’s stimulation (and often add stimulation to the wearer’s partner, when used during partner sex). When worn around the base of a condom, erection rings also have the added benefit of holding the condom in place, preventing it from slipping off of the penis. There’s a wide variety of styles and materials to choose from.

• O-Rings are available individually or in sets of three or five. These are the most basic erection rings we have, and the set of different sizes allows you to find the size that works best for you. You can choose from a wide variety of colors, from basic black to glow-in-the-dark. Available in rubber or nitrile.

Stretchy Silicone Erection Rings are an inexpensive, basic option for those who want to see what an erection ring feels like. They adjust automatically to fit the penis, and they’re made of a nice squishy material.

•Adjustable Leather or Synthetic Erection Rings, such as the Velcro5-snap, or 10-snap erection rings, are more expensive than the stretchy silicone rings, but they last much longer. They can also be worn in more ways: They can fit around the base of the penis or around the penis and testicles, and are available in a variety of styles, from very basic to more elaborate, in both leather and synthetic materials. These can also be used with any type of lubricant.

• Vibrating erection rings have a vibrator attached to provide more stimulation for both the wearer and the wearer’s partner. Those with softer material, like Binky and Binkette, are milder options because the material mutes the vibration somewhat. For those looking for more intense stimulation, either the Jules forward pointing vibe provides more direct contact for the wearer’s partner or the Leather Erection Ring w/ Vibrator comes with a stronger silver egg vibraor. Love Dove offers more intensity for the wearer, as the ring is more snug fitting and the vibrator placement can be moved for more or less stimulation.  The Double Dolphin ring provides lots of vibration for both wearer and receiving partner.

If you want try an inexpensive vibrating ring before investing in a more expensive version, try the Single Use Vibrating Ring – its vibrator will only work for about 20-30 minutes before quitting, though it does have an on/off switch if you want to get more than one session from it and it’s very inexpensive. Vibrating rings can be worn with the vibrator on top of the penis, to stimulate a female partner during intercourse, or they can be worn with the vibrator on the underside of the penis, against the testicles, for more stimulation during masturbation or partner sex.

Prostate stimulators

The prostate is a highly pleasurable erogenous zone for many men. Responsible for producing the milky, fluid part of semen, the prostate gland can be stimulated externally by pressing firmly on the perineum (the area between the scrotum and anus) or internally, through the anus. Aneros produces a line of toys (including the Helix and the MGX) specifically designed for prostate stimulation. They can be used during partner sex or masturbation, and provide strong stimulation of the prostate, often resulting in intense orgasms once you learn how to use them.

Prostate massagers also help maintain prostate health—they help move fluid out of the prostate to prevent painful inflammation. The toys in the Aneros line are made from medical-grade plastic; if you’d prefer a silicone option, any short, curved dildo like Cora, Rascal, or Pandora works well. As with any toy meant for anal use, it has a flared base to prevent it from getting lost inside the colon. Any toy used anally by only one person can be adequately cleaned with soapy, warm water; if you choose to share it, cover it with a condom each time (use unlubricated condoms on silicone toys).

Anal toys

Everyone—regardless of gender or sexual orientation—has sensitive nerve endings in the anus and rectum that respond to stimulation. Anal toys can be used solo or with a partner.  You might be interested in the Rosebud Pleasure Kit which we've put together for those folks not sure where to start.

•Anal plugs are made of silicone, and are designed to be inserted into the anus and left there, for a “filling” feeling during other types of play like masturbation or intercourse.  Moon Plugs, Velvet Plush Plugs and Petunia are all examples of anal plugs.

•Anal beads are beads connected with a string (like our Silicone Anal Beads or Felicity), or “bubbly” silicone toys (like Ripple, Jackie Oh!, or Pagoda), and are designed to be inserted at the beginning of sex or masturbation, then pulled out of the anus just before or during orgasm, which adds to pleasurable orgasmic muscle contractions and heightens orgasmic sensation.

•Dildos of many shapes and sizes can be used anally for penetration and thrusting, as long as they have a flared base to prevent them from getting lost inside you.  If you’d like something that will be moved in and out repeatedly, try a smooth-surfaced dildo like Isadora 1, 2 or 3, or Mistress or Phoebe for added vibration. For more information, see our How to Choose a Dildo and How to Choose an Anal Toy brochures.

Other options

The more erogenous zones you stimulate, the more intense the resulting orgasm will be. If you’re looking for ways to explore more interesting sensations and/or orgasms, you might try combining some of the toys we just described. For example, try wearing an anal plug during intercourse; wearing a cock ring while using a masturbation sleeve; stimulating your prostate with a toy while stimulating your penis with your hand or a masturbation sleeve, etc.

You could also explore other toys not described here. For example, many men enjoy nipple play with clamps or suction; others enjoy using a vibrator on their penis and testicles. At A Woman’s Touch, we include things like lubricant and erotic books and movies in our definition of “sex toys”, so consider adding some of those to your solo and/or partner sex life. The options are endless! For more information, see our Masturbation for Men brochure.

Remember, this is about your pleasure. Don’t worry what anyone else will think if you buy a particular toy, or prefer to experience pleasure in a particular way. It’s your toy and your pleasure, and it’s no one’s business but your own. Above all, have fun!