How to choose a massage oil or cream


Dear Sex Counselor,

How do I know which massage oils or creams are best for me?

Thinking of a nice massage?

A nice warm room, comfy sheets and towels, dim lights, soothing music, a bowl of warm water to heat your massage oil, and you’re ready for your massage.

But do you ever feel overwhelmed when trying to select just the right product for your massage? It’s good to consider your options, since body massage is an intimate experience, and having a complementary product can strongly enhance the massage.

Each massage product has a unique oil weight which changes the touch sensation provided for the masseuse and for the lucky person being massaged. Consider:

  • Light-weight massage oils absorb into the skin well, and are generally very moisturizing, and don’t leave much residue behind.
  • Medium-weight oils have more of a slick oil feeling and soak into the skin more slowly.
  • Heavy-weight oils are very slick and well-suited to long, arousing stroking. Although not as moisturizing as lighter oils, you won’t have to reapply it often since it doesn’t soak in to the skin quickly. Much more difficult to wash from fabric, these are best cleaned with a very hot water wash.


Light Massage Oils

These massage oils are mainly composed of oils called "short chain" or "light" oils like apricot kernel, canola, or safflower. The term "short chain" comes from the chemical length of the oil chain. Shorter chains are more easily absorbed into the skin and are therefore more moisturizing. Because they are oils, these products provide some low-friction slip. In addition, their high rate of absorbency into the skin causes them to excel with a deeper massage technique, creating a feeling of more contact between the masseuse and the lucky person being massaged.

An excellent benefit of the light massage oils is that they are easily washed from fabrics and clothing, and do not leave behind a rancid smell from trace oils left in the fabric.

An example of light massage oils we offer are:

  • AWT No-Nut Massage Oil--Our light massage oil blends are the most moisturizing we carry. Naturally preserved with grapeseed extract and Vitamin E, they are either unscented or very lightly scented with the fragrances of eastern Tantric traditions. Also available in a sampler gift pack.

Uniquely Scented and Heavier Oils

The scent of the oil is a very important part of the massage experience. Although some people prefer more lightly scented blends, other people enjoy being engulfed in the sensory experience of both the massage touch and smell. Since smell is one of our most basic and primal senses, you can choose to invoke the memories of a particular experience by selecting an especially memorable scent and using it during your massage. When you smell this scent again, your memories will link back to that sensuous massage. Some people feel that this technique heightens the feelings of connection between the masseuse and the person being massaged.

  • Making Love--A medium-weight oil, heavily fragranced with fruit scents that mature with massage and body heat. The edible formulation makes these oils lickable.
  • Kama Sutra--A heavy almond-oil base, strongly scented with the unique Kama Sutra fragrance palate. These oils feel very slick and are perfect for when you want a greasy body-slide experience. They are not edible, but are available in a variety of scent blends.

Massage Lotions and Creams

These thick, stay-put lotions and creams are easier to handle than the liquid oils, since they won’t drip and roll out of your hands. Their main feature is the creamy texture that adds a plush, cushiony feel to the massage. Although it might seem that the creams would be thicker than the lotions in use, they are actually very similar. They are differentiated more by their scents and edibility, rather than by the quality of the hand-feel.

  • Kama Sutra Body Souffle--This heavy cream is delicious in texture and taste, since it was specially formulated to be licked off after massage. The scent changes and deepens when combined with skin oils and body heat, and the flavors are actually quite tasty.
  • Aura Cacia Massage Creams combine the slipperiness of an oil with the thickness of a lotion. We offer several great scents to choose from.

Not every massage oil, lotion, and cream that we carry is included in this brochure. Check the AWT shelves for descriptions of our other products!

Tips for a Great Massage Experience

  • Warm your massage product in a bowl of warm water before beginning.
  • Consider warming up the massage blankets and towels in the dryer before your massage begins.
  • Close the blinds, turn off any phones, and flip on the answering machine so that it will quietly take messages in your absence.
  • See to the needs of all dependent creatures before the massage (kids to grandma’s, dogs out to pee ...).
  • Before giving a massage, warm your hands with warm water or by rubbing them together.
  • Make the spot comfortable for both the lucky person being massaged and the masseuse. This may be a futon mattress on the floor or a pad on top of a table. Your surface needs to be sturdy enough to support the weight of the massaged one, as well as the weight of the masseuse pushing down.
  • Massage can be done for relaxation or for sensual activation. Relaxing strokes tend to be slower, more circular, and connected to the whole breathing cycle of the masseuse and the massaged one. Activating strokes tend to be more superficial on the skin, move in long, straight strokes, and connected to the exhalation of either the masseuse or the massaged one. Experiment with what feels right at the time for both of you.