How to choose a game


Dear Sex Counselor,

My partner and I would like to get a sexy game to play together, but I'm not sure how to choose one. Can you help?

Games are a great way to have fun with a partner while discovering or introducing new ideas to your erotic play. Here’s a guide to help you choose a sexy game or two to make your playtime more exciting.

We have games that encourage you to be more playful with your partner, games designed to enhance romance, games to help you increase intimacy and foster communication, and "spicy," adventurous games. The games are listed under the following categories; however, many of them could fit into more than one category.


Playful Games


Hot Chocolate Game is a fun and tasty way to spice up an otherwise unrevealing evening. Seductively slide off one article of clothing after another. Perform a dare or draw pictures on tantalizing spots on your lover’s body with chocolate body frosting. Play the after-game "favors" round to explore high stakes of your own creations.

Or play 52 Alluring Sex Games for Lovers, a game that can be played all the way through, one card at a time, or any time! Each of the 52 cards offers an exciting game that you and your love can play with the help of a little ice cream, a shower, a blindfold ... you get the idea. It’s a portable way to perk up an average day or a weekend away!

Playful Dice are fun and funky pink dice, one of which has a body part (male and female), the other of which has an action (lick, kiss, etc). Roll them together for an infinite variety of ways to initiate or continue frolicking with your partner! If you want to lavish a female partner with loving attention, try the Happy Kitty Dice -- they’re very similar to the Playful Dice, but list only female body parts or the Happy Puppy Dice which list only male body parts.

Intimacy-enhancing Games


For more touch and sensual intimacy, try the Lover's Massage Kit for ideas on how to give more than your average massage. Each kit contains a die and a deck of full-color photographs, illustrating a new technique to try with your partner.

Intimate 4Play is a great game for couples that have been together for years and are looking to reconnect, as well as for couples that are just getting to know each other. To play the game, you and your partner answer questions or fulfill actions as stated on the 74 playing cards. The cards are divided into five topics, including Humor, Intellect, Romance, Sex, and Eroticism, giving you and your partner plenty of opportunities to learn more about each other.


Enchanted Evening is another excellent choice for couples that are looking to re-ignite the spark in their relationship. The game begins with each player writing down her or his secret romantic wish, which will be granted to the player who finishes the most questions first. These questions are often open-ended, allowing the players to discuss their personal opinions about intimacy and sexuality. This game gives couples the tools to slow down, enjoy each other, and re-learn why they fell in love with each other.

Fan the Flames is a great game for new couples and long-term partners alike. The players start by writing an erotic or romantic wish on a blank card to be completed at the end of the game. Then, you quiz each other with the included "guess cards." Most of the questions are not sexual and focus more on your partner’s personality. As you answer more questions correctly about your partner, you not only move ahead on the playing board, but you also get to choose an "action card" to be performed on you by your partner. This is a romantic game designed to get you communicating, laughing, and touching each other more -- and both players always win!


Spicy, adventurous games


To incorporate spice and spirituality into your love life, we suggest Kama Sutra. This very popular game is based on the Kama Sutra, the oldest and one of the most widely used sex manuals. Kama Sutra draws from the ancient text to create a sensual, playful atmosphere where you and your lover can explore each other. This game stresses the importance of making time for consensual erotic play that uses all five senses in order to take eroticism to a higher level. The game includes cards with nicely illustrated positions from the original Kama Sutra book ranging from "easy" to "very difficult" (our non-yogic reviewers found the positions comfortable and stimulating), but the focus of the game lies more on communicating your sexual desires to your partner. This game is a good choice for couples who want to incorporate more adventure, exploration, and erotic spirituality into their relationship.

Finally, Sensations is high on our list of favorites. Not only does it encourage you to explore different physical sensations, it also includes different toys for you to experiment with, including a small vibrator and a blindfold. The premise of the game is to complete more "challenges" than your partner, thereby earning more "favor" cards. While the challenges do include some "getting to know you" questions, they are mainly steamy sexual dares. The person with the most favor cards at the end of the game wins; the winner has 30 days to redeem all of their coupons. One of the most overtly sexual of our games, this is an excellent way to introduce the idea of using a vibrator or blindfold to your sex play to spice things up.

The Sex Counselor