How to choose a DVD about positions


Dear Sex Counselor,

I am looking for a DVD on Positions, but I notice you offer a lot of different options.  How do I choose?

Instructional films on positions are excellent resources to learn new ways to broaden your sexual repertoire, help you spark conversations on what you like, as well as simply being visually and sensually arousing in their own right. Films are also useful for new partners first learning what works best for them, particularly as our preferences change throughout our relationships and lifetimes. A Woman's Touch carries a variety of instructional films on positions for your viewing and personal pleasure. But, how do you decide?

If you're looking for material that focuses primarily on penetrative intercourse, the Expert Guide to Sexual Positions is a good choice. This film showcases about 18 different positions and their variations, and focuses on seven themes, including: comfort, communication, access to genitals, angle and depth of penetration, friction, orgasm, and the energy or “vibe” of the sexual encounter. It also highlights positions that may be preferable for individuals with restricted mobility and flexibility. Though the couples are all heterosexual, all of the positions can be easily adapted for anal intercourse (which one couple demonstrates), and for penetration with a strap-on (dildo and harness). You may watch this film with pop-up information bubbles which contain additional tips, and you also have the option to watch uninterrupted sex scenes with the couples in the film, including extended oral sex scenes. Unlike the following films mentioned in this article, this film features adult film stars rather than real-life couples. This film may also be a good choice if a more modern ambiance or feel to the film is important to you. 
For a film on positions that also includes a wider discussion of many aspects of sexAdvanced Sexual Techniques and Positions by The Sinclair Intimacy Institute covers a variety of topics, beginning with a discussion of anatomy, orgasm, and libido, as well as erotic talk, sensual touch, kissing and oral sex. Couples demonstrate the use of toys, and describe how they communicate before and during sex, adding a unique dimension to their sex scenes. This film boasts high production values, and like the Expert Guide to Positions offers a more contemporary-styled format. 
The Modern Kama Sutra Volume 3: Sexual Positions for Great Sex also explores some of the broader dimensions of sex, with emphasis on female arousal and some aspects of energy exchange. You have the option to watch a workshop featurette in which the four couples starring in the film discuss some of the basic concepts of the Kama Sutra with Dr. Patti Britton. The main feature includes ideas on creating a sensual environment and bonding with your partner, both explored in greater detail in Volumes One and Two. The film then moves into demonstrating positions borrowing its language from the Kama Sutra, with little added commentary and interruption. Overall, the film is very slow-paced and with less emphasis on technical information, but with lots of erotic visuals including scenic outdoor shots.

If you would prefer a film with a more formal and informative approach, Creative Positions for Lovers maintains some of the formality, but includes more on sex around the house, sitting and chair positions, as well as an extended segment on positions for oral sex. With particular emphasis on communication, this film also makes mention the American Association of Sexuality Educators Counselors & Therapists, which may be useful to couples experiencing difficulties in communication or obstacles in their sexual relationships.

Finally, if you're looking for a film with a more diverse cast, the Expert Guide to Sexual Positions, Advanced Sexual Techniques and Positions, and Creative Positions for Lovers stand out for their inclusion of people of color.  
Hopefully this sheds some light on some of the DVD options that A Woman’s Touch carries. Personal preference will play a significant a role in finding a movie that is comfortable, informative or exciting to you. Our Madison location offers in-store rentals, helping you feel out your interests without the up-front cost of a DVD. We encourage you to have fun exploring what DVD best suits your tastes.