Harness size chart


Dear Sex Counselor,

There are so many harnesses ... how do I choose one that will fit me?

In general, you should measure your hips or waist (wherever you want to wear the harness) and use that measurement to choose a harness that fits you. Our harnesses are sized as follows:


Hip Harnesses Hip or Waist Size (in inches)
Vinyl Regular 33-46" hips
Vinly Xtra Lusty up to 56" hips
Comfort Harness 20-50" hips
Commando Regular 26-42" hips
Commando Xtra Lusty 36-56" hips
Crown Harness 30-60" hips
Jaguar Harness 26-42" hips
Pleasure Principle 20-50" hips
Plush Harness 28-50" hips
Terra Firma Regular 28-46" hips
Terra Firma Leather Xtra Lusty up to 56" hips
Thong Regular 31-42" hips
Thong Xtra Lusty up to 70" hips
Triple Pleasure Two-Strap 31-47" hips



Thigh Harnesses Circumference (in inches)
Thigh One On 18-38"